The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


Continuing along the path, you wondered whether or not you had encountered all the leagi. You were pleasantly surprised when a particularly fiery one reared up from her hiding place in the rainforest foliage.

The flaming leagus glared at you and the pleasant feeling slowly started to dissipate. This one did not seem as friendly as the others. She stamped a hoof and spread his claws. There wasn't much you could do but stand there trembling! But luckily, she was merely annoyed with you and proceed to leave you alone. You whisper that you're sorry for bothering her. She stops....great, you and your big mouth.

She turns so that he can see you out of one eye. "My name is Kazago. I am a leagus from a Wyld Portal. Your apology is accepted." She vanishes into the forest.

Wyld Portal? All the others were from the Pragosi Rainforest, why was this one any different? Guess you'll have to go there to find out.

You weren't really given a chance, for just as you were about to enter the portal, you heard a sort of purring sound. Turning around you spotted a slim, female leagus.

She had an interesting, sly look in her eye. "Of course you can enter the portal," she purrs. "That's purrrfectly safe. But I wouldn't continue on here. It starts to get a little hot further on. Oh, and my name is Duana."

And with those cryptic words she slinks off into the shadow. She probably knew perfectly well that by saying you shouldn't go, that you would now *have* to go. So you head off in the direction she told you not to go. ::sighs:: You must have driven your mother nuts.......

Pragosi Rainforest