The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


The oppressive darkness of your encounter with Sombra lifted, and was replaced by the oppressive humidity of the rainforest, but that was like a refreshing spring breeze in comparison. And yet, you felt that you were still not alone. Your instincts were getting pretty good by now, as it turned out to be true.

"Normally I don't believe the rumours I hear around here, but apparently it is true. There is a human in our midst. My name is Lynea."

Almost ashamed, you asked if you were getting a bit of a reputation.

"Not a bad one, though not all opinions of you were good either. Some thought you dull, or dumb, and sometimes both. But those with the most criticisms generally find fault in everything, except themselves of course! I know better than the accept anything without looking into it myself."

You ask her what she thought. She lowered her head to get a better look, and a good whiff as well.

"Not as scary as the legends said you would be. The great and evil human race, hunting and killing everything they thought they could make a profit on. If you are any example of your kind, I don't see how. You haven't even got any claws, let alone fangs. You actually seem to be a rather pleasant creature, though kind of hairless."

But what of the modern opinions and rumours?

"Well, you're dull in comparison to the stories we have...but...that's a good thing, right? And I'm probably sounding pretty dumb to you now, telling you how little I know about real humans. I don't doubt that how you sounded when you spoke about us. Perhaps instead of calling names we should get to know each other better first!"

She made such a big grin at that you had to laugh.

"Unfortunately, now is not the time for it. But if you're around later, perhaps our paths will cross again and we'll be able to fill each other in on what we're lacking."

As you waved goodbye, she slipped off through the trees.


Name: Lynea
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: Summer Sun
Offspring: None
August 2004

Pragosi Rainforest