The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


When shadows come and darkness falls, the sleeping dreamer wakes.
And in the night of brightest day, silence reigns supreme.

Did you hear those words? It seemed to you as if you had, but then again, not. No voice could sound like that, but you were sure it wasn't your imagination either. And what did it mean? The second line certainly made no sense at all. Thats when you saw her.

Sombra, whose parents you've met before in the dark part of the forest. She was not bound by that place, she could come and go as she pleased. Today she had followed you with curiosity, a human that had wandered into her birth Pri~erd's realm and somehow got out alive. Humans were rare, live ones even more so.

But now you had seen her, and on closer inspection, saw that you were not as interesting as she had hoped you might be. Not as big, nor as brave, nor as dangerous, as she thought a survivor would be. Forced to put your safe passage to chance, she faded back into the shadows disappointed.

Soon, nothing but a chill in the air marked the fact that she had been there.


Name: Sombra
Gender: Female
Parents: Ehecatl x Chantico
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: Restless Evils
Offspring: None
August 2004

Pragosi Rainforest