The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


The wind had picked up and it howled through the trees. Even protected from the brunt of it, you had to dodge flying debris and branches. It was cold, icy cold. The kind of cold that felt like fingers digging deep to get at your bones. The mare was gone, you had no hope of finding her, you could barely keep your eyes open for fear that they would freeze.

And so you didn't even see him at first, though you had nearly walked right into him. The stallion growled, opening his mouth, preparing to snap your head from your neck. And all the time all you could think of how impressive he looked with his mane whipping with fury in the wind.

The strike never came. You looked up to find him looking at you. "Aren't you going to run?" he asks. His voice was not sepulchral as the first, but rather had an eerie haunting quality to it. You shake your head, you didn't trust your words at that moment.

He tips his head to one side, "The how can I chase you?"

You point to your feet, "I can't move them." Which was true, while you were stopped vines had wrapped themselves not only around your ankles but part way up your legs. The stallion laughed.

"What's so funny?" Now that was the first stallion's voice. Sure enough, he and the white mare appeared nearby. The second mare also joined the group. The white mare sighed, "You can't even get yourself eaten properly, can you?" You hoped she didn't expect an answer. Besides, they didn't wait for one, the four of them just left you trapped there.


Name: Ehecatl
Gender: Male
Parents: Wild
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: Dia de los Muertos
Offspring: Sombra
October 2003

Pragosi Rainforest