The Magical Herd

The Pine Forest


His blue eyes blazed at the sight of the human passing through his Realm. This human had passed through more than just his pine forests, but through his deserts, his seas, his fields. All of these places, and more, made up his Realm, for his Realm was the same as that of the Realm Keeper. For he was a Wris'talora, and bound to the sorceress of this world, having bitten and drawn her blood. Through this he learnt her language, shared her powers, shared her life. For upon her death so too would his existence end.

He spent much time in the quiet solidude of the pine forest, for it was one of his bond's favorite places as well. It reminded her of her past with its smells and sounds and the cool shade even in the hottest of summer days.

She had named him Dawn of Night, for his colours reminded her of the setting sun, which to her was as morning. For the Realm Keeper was a vampiric dragon, a being waking with the light of the stars. Sometimes he found it amusing how it was he who had bit the vampire and not the other way around. But then the Wris were just as well known for their teeth.

He had no complaints since coming to live here. There was never a lack of worlds to explore for the Realm was ever expanding. But there were always places such as this one, where a being could find peace and quiet for a few moments, regardless of the passing of an odd human or two. He did not care for them much, but he understood why his Realm Keeper allowed them access to this land. At her bidding he would do them no harm, but did not mean he had to be nice to them. In general he just observed them from a distance, acting as his bond's eyes and ears.

Well, one complaint perhaps. So he had big floppy ears.....that did not immediately give the Realm Keeper the right to flop them about fom side to side and coo over them! It was humiliating. He tried to bear it with a dignificed tolerance, but it was hard to be dignified when his ears were going "flap-flap" around his head. Well, everyone had a cross to bear.

The human disappeared into the forest, and Dawn of Night returned to his musings.


Name: Dawn of Night
Species: Wris'Talora
Gender: Male
Parents: Wild
Mate: Twilight Ice
Offpspring: Silent Dreams
July 2003

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