The Magical Herd

The Pine Forest


The human stopped, surprised to see the purple form lying in a nest of needles. Though the human had not seen the father Wris, it was the daughter Wris that did not see the human. She lay, caught up in some sweet dream, a gentle smile upon her face. Relaxed and content.

You wonder if you should disturb her, after all you'd never seen a creature like her before and were wondering what she was. But she looked so sweet lying there, you didn't want to disturb her slumber. You knew you hated being woken up during a good dream, you never get to find out how it ends.

So you decide to continue on, maybe you'll meet up again with her later, when she's awake and able to tell you the secrets of her kind.


Name: Silent Dreams
Species: Wris'Talora
Gender: Female
Parents: Dawn of Night x Twilight Ice
Mate: Burning
October 2005

The EverRealm