The Magical Herd

The Pine Forest


The beautiful mare lay upon a soft bed of pine needles. She gazed at you serenely, neither afraid nor angered by your approach, perhaps just a little curious.

You offer greetings and she rises around and bows. "I am Danma'Pikinim, I believe it means Silent Stone in your language. I am a Rakish. I see you have never heard of us.We came from an unstable land which was destroyed, but a few found their way to another land. From there, to rebuild the population, a fostering program was started. I come from the second realm, and I was fostered here, under the care of SunBlind and the other equines of the pine forest."

For a moment, you found the name Silent Stone to be somewhat less than accurate. But then you realized that she probably didn't talk much, she was trying to help her kind by letting others know about them. So that their history would not be forgotten.

She continued, but more reluctantly now. "Each of us has a gift, each of which has a special meaning and is determined before we leave our mothers. My gift is Earth."

That would explain the stone part of her name, that and the stone-like grey of her coat. But now she lived up to her silent half. She spoke not a word as she wandered off through the trees, not explaining what powers her gift had given her, if any.

When she had vanished into the shadows of the forest, you realized how quiet everything had become. Not a sound but the soft rustle of the trees and your own breathing. It was still cold enough that you could see your breath and appreciate the cloak you wore. You stood a while in the magical clearing, then too slipped between the trees to fade into the memory of this place.

The forest never forgot those whose footsteps have passed along its paths.


Name: Danma'Pikinim (Silent Stone)
Gender: Mare
Parents: Zetsu'Shim x Zreniz'Jingi
Gift: Earth
Mate: None
June 2001

Lands of Fate