The Magical Herd

The Meadow


You were of course not left alone for long. You could hear giggling coming from amongst the trees. After a bit of rustling, the giggling got louder and two mini-halfs stepped into view.

When the albino one saw you, he blushed a bright red while the other one just looked and blinked. They both stood motionless a moment, then the red maned one smiled and waved.


You smile and wave back, asking them to come over to where you were sitting on the beach. The red maned one came with no fear, the white one made sure to hang back a little bit, behind his friend.

"Hi!" he said again. "I'm Elan and this is Taani."

You realize that these two were younger than Arcon you had met earlier. You asked if they knew him.

"Of course we do, he's in our carebond. He's kind of our leader and he protects us. We take turns foraging or being scouts. We were actually looking for some good wood to make arrows out of, but decided to stop a while to cool off in the water. Arcon's not with us since he gets bad sunburns in the sun so he likes to stay in the shade or go out during the evenings. Taani also burn pretty bad, but a little bit of sun won't hurt I'm sure."

Taani smiled sweetly, then blushed really red again. He scraped one hoof in the sand.

"Taani *can* talk, he just doesn't very much, especially around strangers." Elan splashed into the water closely followed by Taani who was still trying to hide behind his friend. Elan asks you to join them, and splashes some water in your direction.

You decide that you've been wet enough recently and decline. Getting up to leave you wave to the pair. You hear Elan say "See ya!" but you were surprised to hear a very quiet "Bye" from Taani. You smile at him and he blushes again, and grabbing Elan's tail tries to disappear underneath it. You laugh and head towards the trees.

Name: Elan
Gender: Colt
ID: baby-004
Parents: Unknown
Carebond: Arcon and Taani
Offpsring: None

Name: Taani
Gender: Stallion
ID: baby-003
Parents: Unknown
Carebond: Arcon and Elan
Offpsring: None

April 2001


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