The Magical Herd

The Meadow


There *was* something here. You'd caught glimpses of it for the past half hour now. But whatever it was it just didn't want to show itself, not completely anyway. So you decided to pretend that you didn't care and lay back in the grass and watched the clouds go by.

Time passed and you wondered if the creature had given up on you and gone on to find something more interesting to play with. You sat up and looked around. No, it seemed to be gone. You turn over onto your stomach and watched the little bugs crawling about their merry way in the grass. Bugs. You'd been lying in grass filled with bugs. The thought made your skin crawl. On your back, there were bugs on your back!

You jump up, severly startling a colourful little equine.

It didn't go far, but it was making sure that you didn't try and attack it again. It was a cute, colourful little creature. It blinked at you with beady black eyes. Then it scampered off, probably to keep watching you from a distance.

A portal neaby would lead you to the homeland of the Katatsumuri.

Now, back to those bugs that are probably crawling all over you at this very moment. ::shudders::

Name: Kagayakashi Mizu(Brilliant Waters)
ID: 056
Elements: Water and Light
Parents: Unknown
Offpsring: None

July 2001


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