The Magical Herd

The Meadow


You finally manage to shake the buggy feeling just in time to nearly step in a small bowl of some thick orange liquid. As you kneel down to get a closer look, you notice a book laying right beside it, as if the reader had just left a moment ago and would be returning shortly.

You had to admit you were curious. You pushed opened the cover and saw writing like you'd never seen before. Guess reading it was out of the question, but the text was beautiful and flowing, quite pleasant to look at. You sit down in the shade of a tree, and lean back to look through the book. Maybe it would have some pictures.

After some time passed, you were at the last page. Alas, not a single picture was to be found. You close the book and lean back on one hand. Yes, the hand that was now in the bowl full of orange sticky stuff. There was an angry cry as the owner of the book returned only to find his dinner all over the grass.........

He just glared at you, demanding an explanation. So you tell him that all you wanted to do was look at the book......and your hand in the bowl was a messy accident.

After a moment he seemed to decide that you were telling the truth. "I am Firewing, a Mistral."

You look at the little creature, you look at the book, then back at Firewing. You just had to ask, "How do you turn the pages?" After all, he didn't have any arms.

He looked truly amazed at you. "In the Realm of Myth and Fantasy, magic has been known to come in handy sometimes."

Oh, right.

He hovered nearby a moment, the both of you there in an uncomfortable silence. You get up, suggesting that he might like to have his book back. He nods.

As you walk away you hear him mutter something about the pages being stuck together......

Name: Firewing
Gender: Male
Clutch: #1, parents wild
ID: mwing1m-fire

November 2001


Background from AAA Free Backgrounds and Textures.