The Magical Herd

The Meadow


Feeling bad about the mistral's book you ruined, you barely noticed it had once again started to snow. The point was driven home when you saw a pair of Mini-half's getting ready to decorate for Christmas.

The blond one seemed suprised to see that they were no longer along, the green one seemed happy that you were there. "Ello! Want to help us to decorate that tree?" he asked pointing to a small tree already partically sparling and glittering with silver and gold.

As you work, you learn that their names are Elli and Kir. That they had come here a year ago but could not find a place they wanted to call home, till now. Here the meadow was quiet, with a crystal stream flowing neaby and the woods start just over that hill. There they can gather berries and other good things to eat which they willing shared with you when the tree was finished.

Or at least there weren't any decoration left to put on the tree. But it seemed like there was something missing, you just couldn't quite figure out what it was. Then it hit you. Jumping up you take the star Elli was wearing on his head, leaving him blinking and wondering if you'd lost it.

But with the help of Kir, you were able to attach it to the topmost point, and there it glittered in the afternooon sun. Even Elli smiled as the three of you gazed upon your handiwork. Turning around you saw you were not the only ones enjoying the sight, several of the birds and animals from the woods had come to see what sparkled so.

You realized that you had family with which to spend the holidays as well, and it was time for you to return to them. Kir handed you a garland of holly to take with you as a souvenir and to grace the walls of your own home. You thanked them, and wishing them all a Merry Christmas, turned to leave.

November 2002



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