The Magical Herd

The Meadow


You find yourself gazing out over an enclosed region of the Meadow. At the far end of the enclosure you could see a light brown type creature, but at that distance you weren't exactly sure what it was. Your guess would have been a horse, but you knew you'd be wrong.

Looking around for someone who could shed some light on the matter, you find a sign which said:

Myth and Fantasy Stud Farm

That helped a little, but not much. On the other side of the sign there was something more written.

Myth and Fantasy's Playful Trickster

That must be the name of the equine that had come over to investigate. Note that he hadn't galloped over, but rather almost sneaked up. You'd noticed him out of the corner of your eye, but pretend you hadn't seen the movement.

He was now close enough for you to touch, and close enough for him to touch you. With a lightning quick flick of his head he had your sleeve in his mouth and started sucking on it, looking up at you with big innocent blue eyes. Only you knew that he was laughing inside. Then with a twitch of his tail he cantered back down to the other end of the meadow...with a piece of your sleeve in his mouth.

Name: Myth's Playful Trickster
ID: nori129m
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Unknown Lineage
self harlequin brown point buckskin
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July 2003


Background from AAA Free Backgrounds and Textures.