The Magical Herd

The Meadow


The fact that he spoke to you was of no surprise, it was the fact that he didn't have four legs and hooves that was unusual around here. Actually, he looked like a little boy....with a peacock tail?

"Hi, I'm Peron."

Those word were like opening a floodgate of a dam, from that point on you were inundated by a constant flow of words. Along the way you discovered that he was a chibi, and was somehow genetically/magically engineered (at least that's what you could gather, it seemed nearly impossible to interrupt his tale with questions for clarification), and that he was part anima, which explained his peacock tail and blue-green hair. You even found out that thinking he was a boy was wrong, that he was gender non-specific, though he wouldn't particularly like to be called 'it'.

Just as you were beginning to wonder if chibis required air to breath, Peron paused to take a breath. You took the chance to pose the first question that came to mind, were there others like him here?


You pointed out that he could probably keep company with the mini-halfs, or any of the numerous Sha-Haven creatures about. He looked a little sad when you mentioned this.

"They don't like me very much."

When you asked why he shrugged, "They think I show off too much."

Feeling sorry for the chibi, who being part peacock probably couldn't be anything but a show-off, you compliment him on his fine feathers and remind him that they probably do like him, they're just a little overwhelmed....a feeling you could simpathize with. You still felt like you were gasping on the side of the river created by the tidal wave of words Peron was able to generate.

He brightens at this, grabs your hand in his for a moment, then wanders off through the meadow back to where you remember meeting the mini-halfs. You kind of hoped that Peron wouldn't mention that it was you who suggested he go talk to them.....

Name: Peron
Type: cross - rose x peacock anima

August 2003


Background from AAA Free Backgrounds and Textures.