The Magical Herd

The Meadow


It was now twilight, the sun having just set but its glow not yet extinguished. The shadows seem particularly dark, but not menacing. It just seemed that it would be very easy to hide something in them, something......

Suddenly a small centaur like creature leapt out holding a knife. You were about to laugh at how cute he seemed till you saw the fangs....fangs?

He said something in a very fast paced but melodic language. When you didn't respond he lowered the knife and studied you. "I am Arcon, a miniature halfhorse from Sha-Haven. Were you looking for me?"

He actually seemed kind of nice so you tell him that you weren't but that it was a pleasure to meet him anyway. He kind of frowns but doesn't say anything in reply. You wondered if he didn't like univited guests. It didn't seem like he would bite, but it would still hurt if he did. And then you just had to ask....

"No," Arcon replied. "I'm the only halfhorse with fangs, at least that I know of." You choke back a laugh as the fangs give him a kind of lisp, even though you could see that they were real.

You ask if he was a vampire. Once again he shakes his hair.....or his mane if you wanted to look at it that way. "I guess you could say I am almost a vampire. I'm pale so I prefer going out in the evenings or early morning. Otherwise I get this horrible sunburn." He makes a face, then grins. "But I don't ignite into flames or anything like that. And I'm a vegetarian - most of the time...."

You did *not* want to know what he meant by that.

The last of the sunlight had now dissipated so you say goodbye to the mini-half and head back the way you came. But for the longest time you could feel Arcon's eyes staring into your back as you walked, and when you turned for a moment you could have sworn you saw two tiny glowing silvery lights.....but they quickly vanished.

Name: Arcon
Gender: Stallion
ID: 12m
Parents: Unknown
Carebond: Elan and Taani
Offpsring: None

December 2000


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