The Magical Herd

The Meadow


As you walk along admiring the scenery and listening to the wind through the grasses, you suddenly felt something crash into your back.

The brightly coloured equine creature fluttered awkwardly from side to side so you catch it before it falls to the ground. Either the creature wasn't sentient or it had been knocked senseless when it had bumped into you.

Remembering the Aernels you look about to see if you could find any information on this creature. Sure enough you eventually find a wooden sign nailed to a tree.

Slipshod is a mage construct, created by a mage and later discarded as an unworthy creation. These constructs are neuter and will eat anything. They are also insentient and will respond only to their name.

They were found by Jaysen of Sha-Haven

You whisper its name and it flutters its wings happily. That was smart enough for you. Besides, it was cute. Eventually it recovered from its daze and flew off, nearly missing the tree on which the sign had been attached. Wincing, you hoped the poor thing didn't hurt itself too much.

When you turned around you were startled to see that there was another one hovering about eye level. And a second one making dizzying patterns in the air just behind it.

The first one had a small tag around its neck.


It chirruped when you read the single word aloud. That must be its worthy name. And it was really cute, you wonder what the mages were thinking when they discarded them.

The second one now came over to investigate who you were. You give them a handful of grass and they munch happily while you read the tag attached to the second one.


Then Slipshod returns from wherever he had disappeared to. With a little chirrup, all three fly off together, Bauble and Confusion having no problem navigating the tree, Slipshod not being quite so lucky........ouch, that must have hurt.

February/April 2001


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