The Magical Herd

The Meadow


With shock and dismay you find that you've fallen into a pool of water, only it looked to be about the size of an ocean and you were right in the middle of it. You start to swim though you know it was hopeless. You didn't even know how you ended up in here.

Hours pass and you are exhausted. Your arms could no longer move, let alone your legs. For all you knew you had been swimming in circles, there was no sign of shore in sight. You feel yoursefl sinking, you don't even struggle, you hadn't enough energy.

Suddenly you felt someone or something pulling you to the surface. Taking some deep breaths of air which see to revive you, you turn to the one that saved you.

"Hello. You looked like you could use some help!"

He starts swimming in the opposite direction to which you had been trying to, dragging you along with him.

You ask if he were from Sha-Haven as well. You decide not to mention the fact that he was pink. You needed him on your side right now.

"Yes, I am actually. I guess you could say I was the Valentine's Day special."

Ah, so that explains the colour. You relax as he pulls you along. He was a strong swimmer but you still had your fingers crossed that he was strong enough to get you all the way to shore, he was just a boy after all.

He was. You clamber onto the beach, but as you turned around to thank him, all you saw was his shining tail disappearing under the waves. You call out your gratitude anyway, hoping he could still hear you.

As you walked away to look for a place to dry out, you realized he had never told you his name.......

February 2001


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