The Magical Herd

The Meadow


You lay beneath the sun upon the warm sandy beach. You watched the clouds racing each other across the sky, cheering when the one you hoped would win did, and consoling the losers. After a while you began to wonder if you were suffering from heat stroke....

That's about the same time you heard some splashing from the water. Sitting up you made out a rather equine head looking back at you. When you moved, it disappeared. Then you questioned whether you had seen it or not, it had been so tiny, small enough that you would have been able to hold the entire creature in one hand......and a couple more besides.

You sat perfectly still for a while, and just as you were about to give up ever seeing it again, the head popped up again and looked directly at you. You held your breath as its amber eyes stared with awe.

It had little blue wings, a sandy brown head and a bright blue tail. Then a sea breeze decided to play tricks on you, blowing sand by your face and up your nose forcing you to sneeze. When your eyes had cleared, the Kaiyoko had disappeared.

Name: Hightide
ID: 22
Gender: None!
Essent: high tide (ocean/earth mixed-type)

March 2001


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