The Magical Herd

The Desert


You pop through a portal, only to find nothing there except sand. You wonder why someone would leave a portal that leads literally to the middle of nowhere. A shimmer in the distance indicates another one. You enter it and find yourself in the Dru'siti Desert. Now you understood. There could be a drigus egg hidden in the sand here. Returning to the first deset, you start to look for the egg. And sure enough there it was:


As you studied the large black egg someone came through the portal. It was Kaelin.
~So that's where he went. I was looking for him.~

"He?" you wonder. "But it's just an egg, how do you know it's a he?" you ask.

~Turn around~

You do and see that the egg had hatched. Time seems to work in even stranger ways here. Now things changed without anyone else even noticing the fact that you must have not been around for a while. At least before Kaelin had wondered where you had disappeared to. Hmm, conversations that continued uninterrupted over time.......


~His name is Til'mali. It is the tradition of the Dru'siti drigetti to name their children. His parents are Tral'igh and Dru'sli. Below you can see his genotype~

By the time Kaelin had said all this, Til'mali was already running around - as a teen! You couldn't believe he had grown so fast. Once again the two of them seemed to think you had been there all along. You decide to forget the whole thing and just admire the drigus' thick, black mane and tail.


After you feel the passing of another "time shift" (you're getting kind of used to them), you find yourself almost tripping over a sleeping drigus. This time Kaelin and Firecracker are nowhere in sight and the only sounds you hear is the wind on the sand and the gentle snoring of the lazy drigus.


He looked so warm and soft you just couldn't resist cuddling up to him in his shadow and taking a nap against his furry side.

Name: Til'mali
Gender: Male
Mane: Black
Sire: Tral'igh
Dam: Dru'sli
Mate: Inova
Offspring: Tyree
Body: T,d
Head: t,t
Feet: h,h
Tail: m,t*
Ears: d,d
Spines: Y,n
Color: O,w
Whiskers: N,y
Mutation: N,y
Dru'siti Desert