The Magical Herd

The Desert



^Dizzy yet?^

You were startled by the tall female drigus that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Zaak of course was gone, must have been another of those time/space shifts. Only now they don't seem to be preceeded by a sandstorm anymore. She had a slightly puzzled look on her face, obviously wondering what you were doing. You explain.

^Oh, that sounds a good a way as any I suppose. But you're more likely to find your friends at the oasis to the south than to wander into the wastelands of the north. Not even the drigetti go there, you would most surely die.^

You ask her how far it is to the oasis.

^It would take about a couple of days, if you don't dawdle along the way.^

You ask if there was water along the way.

^Of course not, the oasis is the closest source of water...oh, you won't be able to make it that far without water, will you? Not a creature of the desert?^

You shake your head.

^Well then, I'll have to fly you there. I can be there in half a day if the wind is right.^

You were eternally grateful as you climbed onto her back. She spread her strong wings, and with a powerful push from her hindquaters, leapt up into the air. You didn't think you'd ever been so scared in your whole life as you watch the sand race away beneath you...

Name: Inova
Gender: Female
Mane: Yellow
Parents: Wild
Mate: Til'mali
Offspring: Tyree
October 2004
Dru'siti Desert