The Magical Herd

The Desert


Without realizing it, you had fallen asleep under the scorching sun. You wake up with a start figuring that you'd would be sunburned beyond your wildest dreams, but it wasn't the case. You found yourself in the cool shade of....something. Rolling over you stare into one large blue eye. The drigus winks at you.

"A little warm for your kind out here, isn't it?" You nod and thank him. "No problem, Zaak's the name. I always keep my eye out for helpless travellers."

Thinking now of your fellow travellers, you ask Zaak if he's seen Firecracker, Galen, or anyone else for that matter. Unsurprisingly Azir had vanished while you napped.

"Nope, haven't seen anyone round here lately. Even the drigetti don't often come this deep into the desert. You could call me a restless wanderer, never content to stay in one place. Besides, if I hang out where all the others are, the travellers wouldn't get lost and wouldn't need my help."

You refrain from pointing out that you've gotten lost more than once in the more "inhabited" areas. Guess it was all relative Saying that you really should find your guides, you get up to leave. Zaak hops up to his feet as well. "At least let me go with you, just in case you get lost again."

You couldn't argue with that. Since one direction was as good as any other, you turn around a couple of times and start walking.

Name: Zaak
Gender: Male
Mane: Green
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
Offspring: None
July 2004
Dru'siti Desert