The Magical Herd

The Desert


You clung for dear life to Inova's mane, the hot wind burning your eyes, the airborn sand stinging your skin. You felt strange, as if the the world around you was shifting, distorting, swirling and revolving. You knew this had nothing to do with your wild ride. Actually, you suspected that much more than half a day passed.

When things settled enough such that your stomach was able to determine what was up and what was down, you found yourself at the oasis, but Inova was not there. Instead a timid female drigus was sniffing tentatively at you.


When she saw that you were aware of your surroundings, she tipped her head to one side. "You're awake! You've been sleeping a long time. Years, and years and forever. Since I was a baby anyway."

You ask who she is. "I'm Tyree, my mother Inova told me to watch over you till you woke up. But I didn't think you would wake up. But you did...I don't know what I'm supposed to do now."

You tried to stand but your legs felt like spaghetti. You asked her to help you to the water to get a drink and she was quite happy to let you lean on her. You drank your fill of the water, then watching the ripples, you saw Tyree's image break up then vanish. You glance around you, and sure enough, the young drigus was gone.

Name: Tyree
Gender: Female
Mane: Yellow/Black
Parents: Til'mali x Inova
Mate: None
Offspring: None
January 2005
Dru'siti Desert