The Magical Herd

The Desert


Kaelin leads as you ride Firecracker to the drigus egg.

Now you feel as if you are really in the middle of nowhere. Just as you start to wonder when water will become a problem, Kaelin stops.

[Drigus Egg]

You see an egg partially buried in the sand. ~This is Sithrala. She will hatch soon we hope. We are very eager for a new addition to our herd.~

You smiled at Kaelin and dismounted. Sitting next to the egg you wait for the sandstorm to surround you. The two creatures look at you strangely but you tell them that it's alright and that they can leave you here.

A few hours later and you wonder if that was such a great idea. The sun was hot and the sand was starting to get everywhere. You probably shouldn't have sat in it. Night came, but the relief was short for it quickly became icy cold. Trying to cover yourself in the sand for warmth, you fall asleep.

You awoke to the feeling of someone batting at your nose with very soft paws. When you open your eyes, you see a yellow maned drigus looking at you. She purred as you stroked her mane. This must be Sithrala who had hatched from the egg.


When Kaelin and Firecracker arrived you told them excitedly about how you travelled to the future to see Sithrala hatch. They look at each other confused and Kaelin says, ~We only left you here yesterday.~

"Oh," was the only thing you could say. And you weren't sure you wanted to spend another 24 hours without water to find out if you could see the little drigus grow into a teen. Luckily Firecracker was carrying some for you, knowing he'd find you here very thirsty.

After one big gulp of water, you look down to you hands to find them empty. What happend to the water? You looked about and could see a dark figure in the distance. Upon walking closer, you see that it is Sithrala, looking at something you can't see.


She was kind of cute with her short little legs and big soft paws. You knew there were deadly claws for hunting hidden within them, but you knew she wouldn't hurt you. She came up only to your waist and had to strain her neck back to look at you face. Gently she swatted you with a paw. ^Yup, I thought I remembered you!^ she laughed. Then she pounced.

The two of you rolled in the sand, play fighting. Sithrala was being very gentle, you had not a scratch on you.

You lay gasping for air as you told her to stop.

^Stop what? Have we met before?^ said a very curious Sithrala.


No wonder, Sithrala was now an adult lying in the sun beside you. She had spread her wings to bask in the sun. That was why you thought she was still on top of you, her wings placed you in her shade. You explained the whole thing, again and she nodded with understanding.

^Firecracker told me to call him if you ever appeared to me again. He missed you when I was younger. I believe you can find him if you head over there.^ She nodded her head towards the east. Thanking her, you start walking towards the early morning sun.

Name: Sithrala
Gender: Female
Mane: Yellow
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
Offspring: None
April 1999