[Herald] Cassakyve [Herald]


Quilapa's filly steps forth. (©SunBlind)

At first is seemed like there wasn't a unicorn in sight. Not a sign of one could be found in the woods, and the beach was empty as far as the eye could see. The sun shone brightly upon the ocean, creating sparking patterns upon the crashing waves, the sea spray glittered like fairy dust. It seemed like all the unicorns had all vanished. That was, until a shadow from a creature overhead fell upon the sand. A spirited winged unicorn mare glided gently to the ground.

This was Cassakyve, the daughter of mare Quilapa. How her mother had been proud of her filly's orange wings. Till now, all the winged ones lived up in the Pegasus Heights but the bright red mare had been born to the unicorns, from parents who had no wings. How it was that their little one should be blessed with flight was a mystery, but then mysteries are the most interesting things.

A lovely purple butterfly soon joined the gentle mare. It fluttered about her until it found a place to settle within her mane. The buttefly was Cassakyve's companion, a gift from a friend she made as a foal, Dasta. She name the butterfly Violet Butter, and from then on the two of them were almost always seen together, and when not, one could be almost sure that they were up to some mischief. For a filly as shy as Cassakyve around strangers, she could be quite the trouble-maker when around her friends and family.

Once she and Dasta were grown, it was not long before he had asked her to be his mate. How could a love struck filly refuse such a handsome stallion. Even now she carries with her the jeweled rose he gave her as a gift.

After drinking deeply from the crystal stream, Cassakyve the Pheonix, spread her wings of flame and took once more to the skies. Soaring higher and higher until at last she vanishes into the light of the sun.


Name: Cassakyve (Pheonix)
ID: #142
Gender: Mare
Class: Nitheli
Glory: Eilli Havala
Parents: Donimor x Quilapa
Mate: Don'minishien'entradasta
Charity: Pasnana Mira'Lasha
Offspring: Tyminda, Don'jumeina
January 20, 2000

[Pasnana Mira'Lasha]
[The Silver Unicorn]



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