[Herald] Don'jumeina [Herald]


The third generation - (©SunBlind)

The sun rose over the sea and bathed the stallion lying on the beach in it warm light. Dawn was his favorite time of day and he rarely missed a sunrise. He'd watch as the golden ball rose slowly over the edge of the waters, watches as it reflected and sparkled off the waves. He'd remain there until the other unicorns, feeling the golden warmth on their back were roused from their slumber and began wandering about the beach around him. Then he'd rise himself and join them.

No one understood why he did this. Perhaps because his mother was Cassakyve, or "Pheonix", and he was simply inclined to worship the new day for the sake of the origins of his birth. Perhaps because he, like his father, were coloured in the shades of the sun itself. Perhaps there was something more. Whatever the reason, he maintained his morning vigils in solitude, no other creatures awake to gaze upon the first lights of morning by his side.

And that was how he liked it best.

The sun now well on its way through the skies above, he nuzzles the other members of the Island, introduces them to the new day and joins them as they graze by the sea, the wind in their manes and life in their hearts.


Name: Don'jumeina
ID: 754
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Don'minishien'entradasta x Cassakyve
Class: Theli
Glory: Eilli Havala
Charity: None
January 2005

[The Silver Unicorn]



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