[Herald] Aman'mirith [Herald]


A fairy tale - (©SunBlind)

Picture the scene. A warm scented evening, the stars just beginning to shine through a sky still lightened by the last glow of a setting sun. A perfect twilight, near the edge of a forest in a field of flowers and grass. A place where magic dwells.

Magic is given solid form on evenings such as this. Melting from the shadows and slipping like a mist to coalesce into a familiar forms. Few are fortunate to see this strange event, but those who are so blessed remember it for all time.

The forms vary from field to field, and the name it is given depends on the observer. Some say sprites or pixies. Others ghosts and spirits. Occasionally one spots a leprechaun or an elf. Most see fairies, for what other name could be given to the tiny glitterings of light flitting from one flower to the next, settling nowhere, vanishing without warning.

Like stars from the darknening skies above they glitter and shimmer, dancing to music only they can hear...or so it would seem. But if one were to pause and listening very, not with your ears, but with something deeper, in your mind, with your soul, you might hear it too. It may bring you forward to dance with them, and they swirl about you in time to the rhythm of the unheard music.

Try to dance without sound and those starry little lights will scatter and vanish, leaving you utterly alone in a silence that can be deafening.

But if you hear the music, and have danced with the sprites, come back again another night. It may be you will see nothing at all, and go home feeling that your time had been wasted. But persist. Only on special nights do the fairies gather, and only on nights more special than those does Aman'mirith show himself.

For Aman'mirith is a rarer creature still. Born of magic on a night that may come but once a lifetime, he joins the fairies in their dance. A gentle unicorn for all to see. And he will dance with them and with their music, and make a music of his own.

The butteflies with join this dance that night, even the gentle winds cause the flowers to sway and spread their sweet perfume. Only those that persist, and those that believe, and those that can dance to the fairies music may see him, learn from him...

On a special twilight evening, that comes but once in a lifetime.


Name: Aman'mirith (Fairy Dance)
ID: 868
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wild
Class: Nai
Glory: Iava Quiesta
Charity: None
March 2005

[The Silver Unicorn]



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