[Herald] Kumein'inmil [Herald]


A personal darkness - (©SunBlind)

Kumein'inmil stood alone on the beach. Night had fallen, but it was always darkness to her. She could hear the sound of the surf breaking upon the shore, but she could not see it. She did not know what the sun was but for the warmth upon her back. She did not know what rain was but for the wetness splattering on her body. And she knew not what the ocean was but for its sound and sense of vastness.

And there was another kind of darkness in which she lived. She had once had a home, in another Realm, but she had been forgotten there. And so she searched for a new home, a difficult enough task for one with sight, but an almost insurmountable journey for one without. She feared not ravines in which she could fall, those she could sense long before those with sight would see it. She feared not walking into obstacles, for those too she could sense, by the way the wind blew around them, their scent or just their very presence. In truth, she did not fear much at all, for she had long since ceased to fear death.

But she feared the loneliness. The vast, black void that was her world. At times she could imagine she were the only living thing in the entire universe. Just her, the wind and the rain.

How she managed to get to the Island, whether she had swum or by some other means, the other unicorns did not know. From a distance they gathered together to gaze upon the new one to their beach. As they were downwind, the small mare was oblivious to their existence. As far as she knew, the island was without inhabitants, just like those that came before, and those she will mostly likely find afterwards. And endless solitary journey in an eternal night.

But then a sound, a soft snort and a shuffle of hooves. Her sensitive ears perked in the direction of the other unicorns. The others having been noticed moved closer, gathered about her, decided that though she was strange and different from them, the would welcome her, for it is their very nature. She was nuzzled and greeted, and though she could not see them, she could feel their breath upon her neck, the press and warmth of their bodies, hear their soft breath and shuffle of hooves in the sand.

Here she would not be alone.


Name: Kumein'inmil (Broken Soul)
ID: 686
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Class: Nai
Glory: Eilli Havala
Charity: None
April 2005

[The Silver Unicorn]



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