Seasons Passing

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Seasons of a different kind. (©SunBlind)

The sun beat down upon the scorched earth. Here, in this land, rain had not been seen for months. The dry season was in full control, and all creatures felt its baking heat. Keteina'iava was the bringer of the sun that parched the soil and withered the plants.

She did not bring this to bring suffering to those around her. It was merely her time to be in this place. She never comes before she's expected, she never stays longer than she is allowed. And with her travelled the sun. At first all creatures rejoice in her arrival. The sun was life and made the plants grow. It allowed everyone to come out from where they took shelter from the rains that were there before.

But no good thing lasts forever. As time passed, the creature began to complain more and more about the heat, the dust and eventually of thirst as the waters that had been so abundant before evaporated before their very eyes. Drinking pools became mud puddles, lakes vanished into dust bowls, rivers were nothing but a squiggle in the sand.

And so the good becomes the bad and the creatures of the land wished the mare away. They no longer enjoyed her company, refused to speak with her but to give insult. She was used to this. It happened every time she came. And though the creatures did not agree, she knew she never overstayed her welcome. She only prepared the way for her counterpart, so that the creatures of the land would welcome him in turn.

And so that day came, and spreading her wings she took to the air, in her wake a breath of cool damp air.

That same cool dampness hearalded the arrival of the stallion Ohunsa. With silver white wings and a little green frog he carried as a companion, he took the place of the zebracorn mare.

Where he walked the waters rose from the ground and fell from the sky. The earth, hard as stone, softened and turned to mud. Rivers rushed, lakes grew and mud puddles because drinking pools of clearest water and sweetest.

The creatures played in the rain, revealed in the shelter the clouds gave them against the sun. Their skin soaking up the moisture they had been so long denied. And so the old had become new and good again. Young were born and plants pushed their way up through the softened soil. Creatures who had buried themselves away from the arid climate woke to the sound of the raindrops on their earthy rooves.

And time would pass and the creatures would grow wetter. Flood would flow down as rivers burst their banks, sweeping away the unsuspecting. The plants, newly grown now stuggled to breath as their roots drowned in the saturated earth. Those same beings who had so recently wished for the stallion's return now wished for his early departure.

But he had his time. He never came early and he never left late. And so he too found himself despised by those around him, but he did not take it to heart. As it had been this way before, it would be so again. They could not rush him.

How the unicorn knew it was time to move on, no one knew. But one day he would kneel low and allow his green friend to find a safe place upon his broad back. Then spreading his great cloud wings he would take to the air and the water would go with him. In the void that remained, the sun mare would return, accepting once more the grateful welcomes of the creatures of the land.


Name: Ohunsa (Monsoon)
ID: #883
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wild
Class: Niyeva
Glory: Unlasta se Cassta
Charity: Cassta'sepear
May 2005
Name: Keteina'iava (Scorched Earth)
ID: #75z
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Class: Nitheli
Glory: Unlasta se Cassta
Charity: Cassta'sepear
May 2005

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