[Herald] Yundiel'inmil [Herald]


From the shadows... (©SunBlind)

From shadow and darkness is formed a midnight black mare as insubstantial as a dream. She moves about the Island only during the twilight hours, when the sun has just set but there still remains a strange faint glow from the passing day. She prefered this time, it suited her best.

Yundiel'inmil, Forlorn Soul, was a strange member of the unicorns of this Island. Born of legend, her parents being the ghost and the vampire, she herself was something of legend as well. Few ever saw her, and many of those who did were quick to believe that the shadow upon shadow that was her form was little more than a figment of their imagination. Easily she fades into the darkness of the day's end, her form translucent and bringing no light.

And so she wandered the Island alone and unseen. She held no menace towards the other unicorns, she just did not belong with them. She was different, a ghost, a spirit of sorts like her dam, but dark like her sire, prefering the company of myths to that of reality.

Her tiny hooves make no sound upon the leaves scattered about the ground. No breath of wind could catch her scent. Only the night knew her well, welcomed her into its envelopping embrace. And so she disappeared once more till the end of another day.


Name: Yundiel'inmil (Forlorn Soul)
ID: 927
Gender: Mare
Parents: Leseen'yorin x Edfeina'nemensta
Class: Ninai
Glory: Cora Finien
Charity: Lisen'yia
September 2005

[The Silver Unicorn]



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