[Herald] Quilapa [Herald]


How colour came to the unicorn herd. (©SunBlind)

SunBlind stood upon the beaches of Unicorn Island one evening. The nightingale sang wonderous songs and the fresh sea breeze whispered through the nearby trees. The moon had just risen and SunBlind was bathing in its silver glow. Suddenly a large golden dragon and its rider appeared againts the background of twilight stars. The rider appeared to be carrying something.

The dragon landed nearby and Silvanon, the rider, dismounted. SunBlind could see that the bag was heavy and was wriggling about in the visitors arms. She carried it up to the surprised Realm Keeper and said, "Her name is Quilapa, meaning Pomegranate." Just before leaving she whispers into the open end of the bag, "Bon jotha, joses li iava quiesta!" Then she remounts her goldern dragon and leaves a tongue-tied SunBlind alone on the beach with a strange parcel.

The bag stuggled around and SunBlind went over to free the creature. And what a sight met her eyes! A unicorn filly, but not white as snow but brightly coloured in reds and purples. She was beautiful.


The little fillly nuzzled SunBlind as she hugged the little creature. Just then, the sounds of the unicorn herd approaching met SunBlind's ears. She rarely showed herself to them, she did not want to disrupt their way of life, she merely watched over them. So she told the little filly that the unicorns would take good care of her, and not to be afraid of them. She would visit Quilapa often and play with her. The filly seemed happy with that. SunBlind became invisible just in time as the first of the unicorns stepped from the forest and spied the filly. Quilapa ran over, happy to find someone to play with, and even happier at being out of that wretched bag!


Years passed quickly, weeks and months melting into each other, then fading away. Such as it seemed for the immortals, for time no longer has any meaning. SunBlind was an immortal, and prone to forgetting that time still took its toll on the creatures of her realm. Though most were immortal as well, young foals still grew to be young unicorns. So that was how SunBlind came to be surprised when that tiny foal, so recently dropped from the back of a golden dragon, was now a beautiful young mare.


But though she had grown, Quilapa was still the fun loving filly she had been as a foal. As another surprise, she whispered giggling to SunBlind about the big handsome stallion she had met while she was little, and how she had fallen in love with now. "The big one, Donimor," she smiled dreamily. Then without saying goodbye, she opened the portal to the other herd to find her mate and join their Charity.


Name: Quilapa (Pomegranate)
ID: #46
Gender: Mare
Class: Theli
Glory: IavaQuiesta
Parents: Varyn x Shexlin
Charity: Oshli'wythe (Jade Lotus)
Offspring: Felisa and Cassakyve
August 27, 1999

[The Silver Unicorn]



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