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You walked for some time alone, not a unicorn in sight. The air was cool in the evening, blowing off the ocean with a salty smell. For a while you stop to rest and merely watched the waves crash upon the shore and then retreat back into the sea. It was peaceful here, quiet and serene.

The stallion's white form moved into view. He seemed to come from the woods, but you were sure, perhaps he had just appeared out of the sea spray. His coat was white and tinged with an icy blue, his dark mane and tail a stark contrast in comparison to his pale body.

He was powerful, mysterious and magical all at once. You held your breath and he walked past you on the beach, leaving prints in the sand from his large hooves, which are promptly washed away by the tireless ocean waters.

And soon, so too did the majestic stallion vanish into the twilight of a dying day.

Name: Frozen Spells []
ID: SP005
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wild
Rant: None
April 2006

Sequanna Unicorns

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