Death Awaits You Here


This creatures was certainly one of the more....unusual...denizens of the Darkened Land. At first glance one might think it some strange sea creature, tentacles waving in the ocean's currents. But a moment's thought will bring one to realize that there is no water here, that there isn't even a slight breeze to sway the Dionaea's arms.

As one's eyes travel downwards one notes its lack of legs. Again, tentacles flow from the bottom of its serpentine body, slithering over the ground, grasping at the rocks. At this point one's imagination conjures up thoughts of trees, as indeed these tendrils have a strong similarity to roots. It appears to be a kind of plant.

But once again, one's gaze is drawn to a different part of the creature, as it appeared to have a head, with eyes, teeth and a flickering tongue. Thorns grow from its snout and appear rather intimidating as its head turns towards its observer.

Those who are familiar with this species know that though they appear strange, they are generally quite friendly and mean well. Most derive their nutrients from their roots and do not devour live prey. But some perfer small rodents, and others, to drink blood. And this one is Nightshade.

Having spotted the one watching it, its tendrils being waving gently, the tongue flicking out, perhaps to taste the scent of what may be prey. Or perhaps to lick its lips in anticipation of a bloody feast. One never does find out for certain how or why this Dionaea found its way to the Darkened Land, for as the mist grows this chill evening, one no longer can make out the end of this story, and the fate of the one who crossed paths with the Deadly Nightshade and its poison.

Name: Nightshade
October 2006