Death Awaits You Here


Pain and Death.

The Tsume raised his head at a disturbance he sensed more than heard. Pausing only a moment, he dismissed it as uninteresting, just another of the lesser Darkened Land creatures and not worth his notice. Those creatures were already dead, mindless, thoughtless, he could not kill them, he could not hurt them...and that was his only desire.

Death and Pain.

Many of the creatures in this Realm were mad, insane, their minds shattered by something and eventually they find their way here. Whether they be driven out from their homes, of because they find here those like them, a kind of twisted kindred spirit.

But not Keevan. He came here of his own volition, not because he was insane...oh no, but because he was as cruel as his soul was twisted. He just took particular pleasure in taking the life of those who take the lives of others. A kind of egotistical adrenaline rush. He enjoyed trying to out-think something that cannot be out-thought. A foe whose mind is so confused that there is no way to predict its next more.

Though many called the creatures of this land evil, very few were truly so. Bloody, deadly and dangerous all, but few knew what they did. Keevan knew.

Pain and Death.

He shifted his strong, lithe body, scraping along the stones that littered the Land. He'd rested well after his last kill. That one had been strong, it surived for a long time, giving Keenan the ability to extract more pain. His kills were never swift, he prided himself on how long he could draw it out. Grey scars along his black hide were evidence of previous battles. A few red scars were evidence of the last one. Yes, that one had fought well, but not well enough. He held up the bone-white skull of the creature in one long taloned hand, gazing at it with pride.

He didn't keep a hord of these trophies, he'd soon run out of room, so he keeps only the most recent, to admire, and to give him ideas for the next time.

Death and Pain.

Name: Keevan
ID: t236m
Gender: Male
Element: Pain
July 2005
Notes: He's a little (a lot) messed up in the head. Obsessed with pain to the point that he will kill simply to feel it and cause it (sadomasochist tsume), he has gained many scars from his fights. Some look new, while others are gray and difficult to see against his dark skin.