[Herald] Adagio [Herald]


Everyone has a story to tell. This is the story of how Adagio came to soar Pegasus Heights.


Adagio is Tiranna's mate. No one knows for sure where he came from, his parents are unknown. He claims to remember a place called the Creation, but none of the other pegasi had heard of this place, if it even was a place. He remembered it as being beautiful and wonderful, and that one could get there through the realm of the Silver Unicorn, but he had never again managed to find the entrance to that place once he had left it.

Sometimes he wondered if it had only been a dream. In the end, it didn't matter. It was a good dream, and he liked to remember it. If he had to come from somewhere, that would be the place he would liked to have come from.

And he had a talent. A talent that matched that of Tiranna. His talent was music, and such music they could make together. He would have the wind accompany his singing mate, the trees adding a gentle background rhythm. When they made music together, the entire world would sing.

The music was so beautiful that even humans, who are amazingly capable of blinding themselves to beauty and have pretty well finished what was left of their hearing through living in noisy cities, even humans would stop to listen. Most of them anyway. They weren't really sure what they were listening too, but they liked it. It was much nicer than the sounds the cars made as they drove by, or the constant monotony of television and radio. A few would venture far from cities and civilization in the hopes of hearing more of this music.

Though his origins were unknown, the Winged Ones cherished the presence of Adagio. Through him they could touch the human world, and try to bring them back to more magical times. For now, most humans passed the music off as a figment of their tired imaginations, and considered those that sought it out to be strange.

But the music persisted, and those that listened, persisted as well. Slowly but surely, more people stopped what they were doing to listen to the music, convinced by those strange ones, who suddenly didn't seem so strange after all. Maybe they were right.....

It was slow, but the Winged Ones had time. With the help of the other magical creatures, they would one day bring magic back, even if they had to drag the human race kicking and screaming every inch of the way!

Adagio always thought that sounded funny.

Name: Adagio
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
Mate: Tiranna
Offspring: None

[The Silver Unicorn]


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