[Herald] Dil'Cresla [Herald]


Everyone has a story to tell. This is the story of how Dil'Cresla brought Christmas to Pegasus Heights.

Snow had fallen overnight such that the Heights were covered in a blanket of snow. The pegasi awoke in wonder and awe as they shook the white coolness off their backs. Their hooves suddenly found the ground to be much different than the clouds they were used to. Now it was solid, till their weight caused their hooves to sink deep into the cold, icy stuff.

The foals whinnied in pleasure as they galloped through this new adventure. Soon adults and foals alike were playing games - kicking clumps of snow at each other, or following along in each other's hoofprints. One discovered that the snow would stick to itself, and soon much of the herd was building snow sculptures beneath a winter sun.

"But where had this snow come from?" the elders wondered. All had travelled to the ground below and knew that snow fell when the air was cold and the sky above was covered in clouds. It seemed the creatures below rejoiced in such weather, it was the start of a special festival for them. But never before had it snowed *above* the clouds, with the clearest of skies overhead. And so the elders pondered.

Soon vines of ivy were sprouting up, holly and poinsetias added bright reds and greens to the whitness. Bells tinkled on a large pine tree, so large its highest boughs reached above the clouds. "Will the wonders never cease?" pondered the elders.

The pegasi, their hearts filled with joy, played the day away. Even the elders took turns at their ponderings, still wishing to play like the frivolous filly or the wild colt of their youths. And so evening came and went and soon it was night.

In the distance, a young mare noticed another Winged One approaching, one she had never seen before. White, and marked brightly with red and green, this pegasus brought happiness upon her wings. She was Dil'Cresla, Morning Snow.

[Merry Christmas]

She was greeted by the herd as a friend, and she told them stories of something called Christmas, which comes once a year to all creatures of the world. How it had never come to the Heights was a mystery to her, but it was here now and that was what mattered. They pegasi listened to her words till their hearts and their souls were filled with a love for each other they thought they would burst.

And so, as midnight neared, the pegasi found themselves with those they cared for the most. Mares with their stallions, foals with their parents, friends resting their heads against each other. The moon shone bright and another Christmas found it's way into the hearts of all the creatures of the Realm.

[The Silver Unicorn]

December 1999


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