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Everyone has a story to tell. This is the story of how Tiranna came to soar Pegasus Heights.


Tiranna was friends with Githraniel. This meant she spent much time with Rowyn as well. And Rowyn was the only one who knew that Tiranna thought that there was nothing special about herself. Rowyn wrote beautiful poems, Githraniel was brave, Elidan was a Seer. The list went on and on, for both the Winged Ones and the Horned Ones. But there was nothing special about Tiranna. She couldn't interpret dreams, she couldn't make things grow. She could heal the injured, but only as well as any other magical creature. So she went to Rowyn to see if she could figure out her talent.

And so together they made a list. Tiranna could dance but she was no Dancer. Tiranna could run but she was no Runner. Tiranna could fly, which Rowyn thought should be enough of a talent, but she was no Flyer. Very soon they ran out of ideas, and Tiranna was very sad.

She thanked Rowyn for her kind help and decided that the only way she would find her talent was to go out on her own, just as Rowyn had when she went looking for a mate.

She travelled many days and nights, across clouds that even Githraniel had probably not yet explored, but everywhere she looked she could not see any talents hidding there. Perhaps she could speak to plants, but they just rustled in the wind. Perhaps then she could control the wind, but it just laughed through her mane. Would the clouds obey her? No, they drifted as they always had.

Tired and frustrated, she found a small drifting cloud and curled up to sleep. Would she find her talent in her dreams perhaps? But it was not to be. Before she knew it, the sun was shining warmly upon her back.

Convinced she had no talent, she returned to the other Winged Ones, prepared to feel their sympathy, and their pity. She didn't want pity, she wanted her talent! But there was nothing she could do about it.

Time passed as soon it was the summer festival. The air was so warm and the sun so bright, Tiranna could not help but forget her worries and join the others in play. Night fell, and the Winged Ones joined together to sing beneath the stars. Rowyn had written a new song and had given it to Tiranna to sing for the others. But Tiranna was nervous, so did not even sing at all.

When the last song had been sung, the Winged Ones got ready to leave and go to sleep. Tiranna felt terrible. What would she say to Rowyn, that no one had liked her song since no one had heard it? She took a shaky breath and in little more than a whisper began the song:

Above the mighty oak tree
Fly the Winged Ones,
Wild and free.

Those near enough to hear her, stopped suddenly, enthralled.

Beneath the twinkling star
Fly the Winged Ones,
Near and far.

As she sang, her voice grew stronger, louder, clearer. All stopped to listen, and as they did, they could see her words. The star twinkled and the oak tree reach towards the heavens.

Kissed by the golden sun
Fly the Winged Ones,
Having fun.

Though it was the middle of the night, each and every one felt the rays of the summer sun upon their backs and the world took on a brillance it never had before.

Embraced by silver moonlight
Fly the Winged Ones,
In our dreams,
Out of sight.

When she had finished there was a hushed silence amongst the herd. Not a sound could be heard but the gentle breathing of the pegasi.

Tiranna could sing, and she *was* a Singer.

Name: Tiranna
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Sire: Starstryke
Dam: Windblade
Mate: Adagio

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