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SunBlind wandered for hours in the Nameless Forest, passing through caverns, fields, swamps and even a hedge maze. All along she had to deal with riddles and puzzles, and now both body and mind were needing a rest. The vampiric dragon found a comfortable spot on which to lay down and let the cool evening breezes relax her tired form. As she curled up to sleep, she heard a sound which was barely a sound, even with her sharp hearing she couldn't quite make out what it was. With a sigh, she let her curiosity win and she got up to find its source. She couldn't have been more surprised at what she discovered.


It was a foal, a Frondari colt. He was alone, and cold, his little body shivering in the near darkness. SunBlind moved closer towards the youngster, and knowing that her dragon form might frighten him, took human shape. He was still a little afraid, but he was more afraid of being alone. He let her touch his mane, his coat, his wings, and slowly he began to trust her.

SunBlind knew that she could not leave him here, with no one to look after him. As she had with many of the other creatures she'd found in the forest, she offered to let him come back with her, to live with the Winged Ones in her Realm. Though he many not be a pegasus, they would still welcome him into their cloudy domain. He staggered to his wobbly legs and showed no fear as SunBlind retook her dragon form and brought him to his new home.


He was happy living with the other Winged Ones, though he sometimes wished he could know more about his kind. All he knew was that his name was Waves Reflecting Grey Sky, that it had been given to him by his parents. SunBlind explained she had found this out by talking with the Nameless Forest realm keeper. But she didn't know any more than that.

[Waves Reflecting Grey Sky]

He was an adult now, but still didn't feel as if he fit in completely with the rest of the herd. True, there were others who were not Pegasi, others who were welcome because they were winged equines. But some nights he felt as alone as he had when he was a colt.

The others liked him. He wasn't particularly playful, more of a serious type, but they relied on him, trusted him. And that's what had kept him here for so long. He wasn't a drifter or an adventurer, but one day he decided to return to his home, this Nameless Forest, and for once and for all find out where he had come from.


He had a similar journey through the Forest as SunBlind had had years before. More often than not he thought himself so lost that he wouldn't be able to return to the Winged Ones, that he'd never escape the dark caverns or find his way out of the burning deserts. But he always managed to answer that last riddle just before he actually gave up. That's when he discovered the place where SunBlind had found him so long ago.

He vaguely remembered it, it was more of a feeling than the fact that he actually knew this was the place. But it was, it had to be. He stood quietly, listening and scenting the wind. Were there others like him here? He waiting patiently but no Frondari appeared, and he turned away disappointed. Barely looking where he was going, he nearly passed the foal without noticing it. But the filly had noticed him and she ungracefully leapt up to play with him before getting her long legs tangled together and collapsing in a heap.


She couldn't have been more different from him, full of energy and fun she never stood still except when she had taken another tumble to the ground. Even then it would only be moments before she was up and prancing around again. Waves Reflecting Grey Sky was a bit overwhelmed by this rambunctious filly, but the smiled as she tried to nip his short tail.

So he did the only thing he could do. He adopted Fog Filling Clouded Atmosphere and brought her back with him to Pegasus Heights.


There she grew to be a beautiful filly. And she never stopped being the playful one. When Waves Reflecting Grey Sky was more interested in thinking about the world, she'd sneak up on him and nip and nudge until he had to get up and chase her away. The moment he returned to his thoughts she'd start pestering him again. He pretended to be angry with her, but in truth, things were much more interesting with her around, a free spirit which could never be tamed.

[Fog Filling Clouded Atmosphere]

He still longed sometimes to know more about where he was from, what his dam and sire were like. But all it took was a glance at Fog Filling Clouded Atmosphere to put those thoughts out of his mind. She didn't have a worry in the world, perfectly content to be who she was, playing with Pegasi and Frondari alike.

Who was he to argue? He shook his horns and raced off after her, warning her for the thousandth's time not to nip at his tail.


A couple of years passed during which they were the only ones of their kind at the Heights. They had grown used to it being this way, and never expected it to change. But one day, it did. A bold, blue mare galloped into their lives with her golden friend.

[Storm Challenging Writhing Seas]

She paused to survey this new world, and gazed upon the multitudes of eyes that had gathered to meet the newcomers. She stood as a stallion might, prepared to take any challenge presented to her. But no challenge came, the greetings of the other equines were warm and welcoming and soon she relaxed and introduced herself as Storm Challenging Writhing Seas.

The other mare stood behind her tomboy friend, not quite as brave, maybe a even a little shy. But as the other Winged Ones came closer she didn't step back, rather she moved forward to make new friends. Her name was Hurricane Breaking Ripe Grain.

[Hurricane Breaking Ripe Grain]

Waves Reflecting Grey Sky watched them closely, recognizing them as Frondrari. He was about to move forward when Fog Filling Clouded Atmosphere leapt ahead of him and let the new ones know they were not alone.

Storm Challening Writhing Seas gazed coldly at the stallion, and for many days did not let him near her or her friend. She had been alone with Hurricane for so long that she had become the "stallion" of her herd, and wasn't about to let him take her place.

But she was tired of always being on the alert, being the one to make the decisions, the one who had to do all the fighting. And soon she tired of brushing off Waves advances, one day giving in and agreeing to be his lead mare. One might have thought Fog Filling Clouded Atmosphere would be insulted at being passed by as lead mare, being relegated to second position, but she was quite happy. She wasn't a leader, she prefered to play. And Storm was an excellent lead mare.

Hurricane already belonged to a herd, she often went to visit them as third mare.

And so now Waves Reflecting Grey Sky was not only not unique anymore, he now had a herd of his own.


The sun rose and set many days when one day that old star saw something he had not before. A handsome colt, his coat as blue as the sky above and the sea beneath. He had the solid countenance of his sire, Waves Reflecting Grey Skies, but the temper and flare of his dam, Storm Challenging Writhing Seas.

[Ocean Thundering Cold Waters]

As a foal he desired a name, a good name, his own name. Ocean Thundering Cold Waters. Now a stallion, he gazed serenely at the world layed out before him, this new world which was his. After a pause, he decided where next he would go, and so on hooves light as air, he set out to face his future.

Name: Waves Reflecting Grey Sky
Gender: Male
Parents: Waves Finding & Twilight Hiding
Offspring: None
Lead Stallion - Herd of the Cloudy Heights
May 2000
Head: al*
Neck: AA
Body: H*a*
Legs: A*A*
Feet: Ad
Tail: dd
Wings: Yn
Mane: Ln
Antlers: A*n
Mutation: NN
Color: GrBl
Markings: St
Name: Fog Filling Clouded Atmosphere
Gender: Female
Parents: Shadow Breaking X Clouds Gathering
Siblings: Has a twin
Offspring: None
Second Mare - Herd of the Cloudy Heights
August 2000
Head: Ha
Neck: Ah
Body: Ha*
Legs: A*D
Feet: H*H*
Tail: L*H
Wings: Yn
Mane: H*n
Antlers: Dn
Color: BrGr
Mutation: Ny
Markings: U
Name: Storm Challenging Writhing Seas
ID: Ff29w
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Offspring: None
Lead Mare - Herd of the Cloudy Heights
September 2002
Head - Hl, WW
Eyes - Gy
Mane - H*d, SS, WW
Wings - nn, b*b*, WW-LL
Antlers - AA
Tail - L*L*, SS, WC
Feet - DD, Nwww
Markings - pt*, Ml, R*f*, G*u, N*d, WW
Color - CC
Mutation - NNn*
Name: Hurricane Breaking Ripe Grain
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Offspring: None
Third Mare - Herd of the Distant Mountain
September 2002
Head - Hl, N*N*
Eyes - Bb
Mane - H*L, tt, TC-WW
Wings - Yn, b*b*, LR-WW
Antlers - AA
Tail - Hd, ts*, TC-WC
Feet - DD, wwww
Markings - O*p*, S*S*, R*b, G*E, N*d, LL
Color - LT
Mutation - N*Ny
Name: Oceans Thundering Cold Waters
Gender: Male
Parents: Ff29x23m1
Offspring: None
October 2002
Head: ll, WW
Eyes: GB
Mane: H*L, SS, RW
Wings: nn, S*b*, WW
Antlers: Ad
Tail: L*d, SS, WC
Feet: Dh, NNww
Markings: pt*, Ml, R*b, Eu, N*N*, LW
Color: GC
Mutation: N*NN

Nameless Forest


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