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Being small wasn't necessarily a bad thing, being downright tiny on the other hand, could be rather frustrating. Hamalalio knew all about this. He wasn't even a pegasus, he was a Zunn. He hated it when others didn't realize that. He'd rear up and look threatening, as if to try and frighten this into the forgetful creature...without any success.


Well, truth be told, it really didn't bother him very much. He was really a very friendly and happy creature that enjoyed company above anything else, so rarely stayed angry at someone for more than a minute. One would also be hard pressed to find something which he would not forgive, even confusing him with a pegasus would be left in the past.

There were also advantages to being tiny. He could go places others couldn't go, and he could go places without being noticed. He loved to play the annoying insect buzzing around the other Winged Ones ears until they'd shake their heads and try and nip at him. Then he'd dart off like a flash of Lightning, which is of course what gave him his name.

Hamalalio wasn't the only one from the Realm of Atlantia to have found a new home at Pegasus Heights. And he was not the only one that was not a pegasus. Misted Night was one of the first to have come, a Ze'i'on from the Clan of the Hidden Shadows, a very mysterious clan which tends to keep to itself.


The amulet he carries carefully balanced on his ear is said to give him powers of the earth, but he is as mysterious as his clan and none of the other Winged Ones were able to get him to tell them exactly what it did. He just smile in his own special way, shake his head so that the amulet would swing about glittering in the sunlight, then wheel about and canter away before they could ask again.

Song of Sun was unusual, for she had no wings. But being a Ze'i'on she was quite welcomed by the others. She was never left out of any games because she couldn't fly. On the contrary, the other Winged Ones seemed to take special interest in this bright and cheerful mare.

[Song of Sun]

The large mare was as different in personality from Misted Night as one could be. There was nothing mysterious, her life was an open book. She was even willing to explain her presence here, it being as simple as SunBlind believing she would be most happy with others of her own kind. But Song of Sun would probably be happy just about anywhere. Her happiness was also quite contagious, one reason why the others liked to be around her so much.

Now there was a third race of winged equines which originated in Atlantia. These were called the Joi'caski, and Hashdiania'Zak was the first to come live with the Winged Ones.


Like Song of Sun, she was a playful mare who spent much of her youth trying to steal away Misted Night's amulet with little success. Every now and then, we she feels he's not looking she'll try again, but he is a crafty one, always on the alert. When she's not annoying Misted Night, she's most likely to be found playing with the foals of the herd. There is nothing she loves more that then young ones just learning to run and fly.

On the other hand, Gaji'ardra was quiet, more mysterious than even the infamous Misted Night. She's spend much of her time with her large wolf's tail curled around her body watching the other Winged Ones, fangs barely showing, but always there. She was generally left alone, which seemed to be the way she liked it. She'd been known to strike out at those who disturbed her. Some of the Winged Ones would mutter that SunBlind only allowed her to stay because of her vampiric traits, though no one had ever seen her drinking blood, they wouldn't put it past her.


She inherited the power to control the Prism Jai Water elements from her sire, Emse'Isje. Other than that little was known about her. No one had any hopes that she might actually one day find a mate, it was most unlikely. They never questioned where she went for days at a time, for they knew she would never tell them. Then one day she did not return alone. She brought with her a stallion to match her personality and form - Tatiano'Maliona or Fortold Spirit.


He was no more pleasant to be around than his mate, but the others were happy just the same. Love is always a wonderous thing, even between a strange pair such as the two Joi'caski. Their doubled presence could make even a dragon uncomfortable, but they enjoyed each other's company, rarely to be found apart from each other. Perhaps SunBlind knew more about the good that was in their hearts than the bad which they showed to the rest of the world.

Stats Table

Name: Hamalalio
Species: Zunn
Gender: Stallion
May 2000
Name: Misted Night
Species: Ze'i'on
Gender: Stallion
Birth Clan: Hidden Shadows
June 2000
Name: Song of Sun
Species: Ze'i'on
Gender: Mare
Birth Clan: Unknown
January 2001
Name: Hashdiania'Zak (Miracle Strike)
Species: Joi'caski
Gender: Mare
Parents:Amne'Sarc x Adra'h'Sali
Siblings: Zik'ikea(Flame Wanderer)
Tribe: Shattered Moon
June 2000

Name: Gaji'Adra
Species: Joi'caski
Gender: Mare
Parents: Emse'Isje x Isje'Hashdiania
Tribe: None
June 2000
Name: Tatiano'Maliona (Fortold Spirit)
Species: Joi'caski
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Unknown
Tribe: None
October 2000
The Lost Realm of Atlantia - Agency no longer exists


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