[Herald] The Winged Ones [Herald]


The sun reflected off the silvery clouds early one morning. Most of the herd was still asleep but some had awakened to the first glints of the rising sun. They stretched, shook their manes and stamped their hooves. Never knowing that something special would soon happen. For you see, when the sun shines in just that way, and when they clouds reflect the golden light with silver splendour, something magical is sure to happen.

The prophets claimed that today, a Winged One would join the herd of Pegasus Heights from the Flauntan Plateau. They were wrong.

Well, even prophets have been known to make mistakes. Sometimes they read the stars wrong, or use the wrong incantation for this particular type of incense. And sometimes they have no idea what they're talking about. Prophecy can be like that.

Because this morning, when one of the pegasi settled down after his morning flight, he discovered that two Winged Ones had joined the herd. Two young fillies ran to greet him, two he had never seen before. The violet one, a little more shy, stopped a few feet away while the other danced eagerly around the surprised stallion. Eventually, though their excitement, he managed to get their names. The shy one was Twilight of Gold.

The bold pink one was named Dawn of the Fire. The greatest of friends, they could not be parted. The stallion whinnied to the rest of the Winged Ones, and with eyes filled with joy they played with the two foals. And it seemed, that the sun did indeed smile. Perhaps it knew what the prophets did not.

Name: Dawn of the FireName: Twilight of Gold
Name: Fire DawnName:Golden Twilight
Gender: Female Gender: Female
Age: AdultAge: Adult
Parents: Unknown - wildParents: Golden Rainforest and Dark Twilight
Mate: NoneMate: None
Offspring: NoneOffspring: None

May 2000
Flauntan Plateau


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