The lead stallion gazed calmly at your presence. Once you were near enough he bowed his noble head and said, "Welcome to the Herd of the Cloudy Heights. I am the lead stallion, Waves Reflecting Grey Sky."

"I am sure you are most interested in meeting the members of my herd. The other mares and stallions, along with our foals are over there." He indicates a path to his right.

"As we are still a small herd, we are still accepting members. If you know of a Frondrari that might be interested you can send them here to find out more." This time he indicates a path to his left

"I hope you enjoyed your visit here. Perhaps you would like to visit the place I was born? It isn't easy to get to, very few ever succeed, but I wish you luck on your journey." A swirling portal opens as he finishes speaking.

Created: September 2002
Last Updated: September 2002