[Herald] The Winged Ones [Herald]


A black mare trotted over with purpose to where you were lying on a cloud. She gazed at you thoughtfully and you looked up at her from an angle you'd never looked at a winged horse before. She said nothing so you stood up, hoping you didn't insult her by not getting up in the first place.

She seemed to be concentrating hard, making certain gestures with her hoof, tail and other body parts. Eventually she shook her head in frustration and spoke to your mind, ~You did not understand?~

You shake your head confused. Understand what?

~Ah, you are a creature of verbal speech, are you not?~

You nod in agreement.

~Then you would not have understood body language well. I was introducing myself, I am Carabas, a Vanari Pegasus. One of the first to leave my homeland and find a new home elsewhere.~

You ask why she chose to leave.

~There were many of us in our Realm. And there were none of us outside. We were running out of room, and besides, what a grand adventure it has been. To meet with the other Winged Ones of the Heights. I hadn't realized that there were others like us. I thought the only others remotely like us were the Vanari Mustangs, our wingless ancestors. But there are not many of them left anymore.~

A brief discussion ensued and finally the decision to continue exploring, but doing so on ones own, was made. And so Carabas spread her wings and soared off into the distance.

Name: Carabas [Ebony]
ID: 008
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Herd: None
June 2005

Vanari Pegasi


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