[Herald] The Winged Ones [Herald]


The stallion reared playfully. Oh it was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the air humid and warm with the scent of flowers carried on the breeze. Exactly how he liked it.

Nearby, another who enjoyed this warm weather watched the stallion's joyful antics. Dance of Fire was a Wynd of Mage, and had yet to gather enough courage to introduce herself to the orange stallion. She liked him, a lot, which was why such a confindent mare could turn into the shyest filly around.

Many days passed, and the mare never found the courage to meet the stallion, but that was alright, because Splash of Tropics found her first. It took a little encouragement, and some evidence that he had been watching her, and liking her. When he finally admitted that he too hadn't been brave enough to come forward, it broke the ice and Dance of Fire nipped at the stallion's ear. Together they flew off into the skies.

Name: Splash of Tropics
Gender: Stallion
Dynce: None
Company: None
Species: Wynd of Change
June 2005
Name: Dance of Fire
Gender: Mare
Dynce: None
Company: None
Species: Wynd of Mage
June 2005



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