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But the mares truly did not find the stallion lacking in any way. They worked hard to curb his temper and to ignore those taunts that may be thrown his way. They also found a third mare, another pink mare, to join their Dynce.

The stallion frowned as they brought Subtleties of Pink to meet him. Wouldn't being part of an all pink Dynce make him look even more ridiculous and foolish? The mares did not agree, proud of their colours and willing to flaunt it. Together, the three of them named the Dynce, Seeing Pink. The stallion thought the name embarassing, but whenever someone asked, he said it proudly, daring anyone to laugh at it.

And they didn't laugh! It turned out to be his own insecurities that made the others chuckle, not the colour of his coat. Had he always taken pride in the form of his birth, none would have questioned it. But old habits died hard, and Peaches of Terror remained somewhat grumpy, but few saw his temper anymore.

Name: Subtleties of Pink
Gender: Mare
Dynce: Seeing Pink
Company: Forgotten Stories
Species: Wynd of Change
May 2005



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