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That was before she met the stallion Moonlight of Silver. He was born of the local Dynce of Mercurial Passions. Like his father, his coat rippled like molten silver. He had his father's fire, but none of his mother's poise. He was however, extraodinarily cute and loveable and Path of Rivers could not bear to part from his company.

It wasn't long before Wind of Music and Dreams of Gold met the affable stallion. He made friends with everyone, and the two mares were no exception. Path of Rivers was unsure at first if she wished their company, but decided that they made the little stallion happy.

But then came the question of who would be Lord of the Dynce. As the group had come together from two pairs, each pair wanted one of their own to be the Lord. Much argument came of this but strangely enough it was Moonlight of Silver who solved the problem. He found another mare, Stroke of Midnight, to be their leader.

At first there was much resistance to this outsider, but time proved her worthy and few could fault her. And so the Dynce of Moon's Music was formed.

Name: Stroke of Midnight
Gender: Mare
Dynce: Moon's Music
Company: Forgotten Stories
Species: Wynd of Change
May 2005
Name: Moonlight of Silver
Gender: Stallion
Dynce: Moon's Music
Company: Forgotten Stories
Species: Wynd of Change
February 2005



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