The Magical Herd

The Woods


As you wandered you thought about what a cute couple Sol and Na'miria would make if they ever got together. That's when Sol came bursting through the trees.

Only, it wasn't Sol. The fact that she was female was the least of the differences. She stopped, obviously surprised to see you there, her long floppy ears pinned back against her head, or at least as pinned as long floppy ears could be. Her eyes narrowed. "Who are you?"

You explain your presence, and add the names of those you met before, hoping that if you had met with their approval she'd be more willing to offer hers. It seemed to work.

"You've met my parents?" she shuffled her hooves in the underbrush in an undecided manner. Well, if they let you get this far then I suppose you're alright." You think of the giggling masses of Sol and Na'miria and just couldn't picture them as staunch defenders of their realm. But then again, they were just playful, not stupid. You were sure they could fight if they had to.

"Would you like to meet the others?"

You reply that you would, very much so. You assumed the "others" were her siblings, and you were not disappointed. The first you met was D'vaizel, a beautiful dark blue male sparkling with the light of a thousand stars.

He bowed gracefully before you. "D'vaizel is very close to his moonlight sister O'saru." You followed D'vaizel to where his sister lay. She rose as you arrived to greet you.

"Welcome traveller. We do not get many of your kind here, I hope you are finding many wonders to take back with you to your world?"

You tell her that you've seen so many things that your world would not believe your stories when you returned. She smiled. "I would very much like to see more of the world. Ak'faro does not believe that any of us should leave these woods, and perhaps he is right, for now. He knows more of the outside than any of us, and though he is gruff, he truly only wishes to protect us. But the worlds outside change, just as our world here changes, and one day perhaps it will be safe for my kind to venture forth."

You reply that you would very much like to see that day, and would gladly volunteer to be a guide. She chuckled, D'vaizel smiled and Bel'nara rolled her eyes. "Come on," the sunlight mare said irritably. "There's still the twins to see."

Twins! And twins they were, though different as night and day. You were to learn that Rai'lin, the male, was a black magic element while his twin sister Ca'rana was white magic. Neither of them had made a sound from the day the hatched, at least not a sound anyone other than they could hear. And they were never apart, rarely even untwining their tails, and when they did it wasn't for long.

"Well, I'm going now. Hope you enjoyed the tour or whatever. Don't get eaten by anything nasty."

That was the farewell you got from Bel'nara as she sent you on your way. Though she mentioned she didn't want you to get eaten by something nasty, she did seem to imply that if it was a rather pleasant man-eating thing, then that would be alright. You would never understand how two such silly dragonfae's could have sired such a brood of serious and even downright cynical foals. But then that's what magic's all about right?


Name: Bel'nara
Gender: Female
ID: 47f
Element: Sunlight Dragon Element
Info: Webbed wing with bone visible, wing tip and joint horns, flowing neck fan, floppy ears, flowing tail fan
Parents: Na'miria and Solis Lumen
December 2002

Name: D'vaizel
Gender: Male
ID: 44m
Element: Starlight Dragon Element
Info: Webbed wing with bone covered, webbed neck fan, webbed tail fan
Parents: Na'miria and Solis Lumen
December 2002

Name: O'saru
Gender: Female
ID: 45f
Element: Moonlight Dragon Element
Info: Webbed wings with bone covered, long ears, neck spines, leg joint horns, spiked tail
Parents: Na'miria and Solis Lumen
December 2002

Name: Rai'lin and Ca'rana
Gender: Male/Female
ID: 46mf
Element: Black Magic / White Magic Dragon Element
Info: Twins - webbed wing with bone visible, wing joint and tip horns, webbed neck fan
Parents: Na'miria and Solis Lumen
December 2002

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