The Magical Herd

The Woods


You walk along the path kicking pebbles as you go. Spotting a nice one you give it a really good kick to see how far it would go.......the throbbing pain in your toe let you know that it wasn't a pebble but a rather large stone that just happened to be mostly buried. You look about to see if anyone noticed. Unfortunately someone did.

Probably another kind of Faequine you think. As if he read your mind he said, "I am Ziri Xun, a dragonfae. We're a kind of Faequine you know." It was a bit hard to understand what he had said through his laughter over your poor big toe. Recovering, he then moved about in a stange way, stopping now and then in some interesting poses. He was obviously expecting you to say something, but you couldn't for the life of you figure out what!

"He wants you to say he is beautiful. More beautiful that his sister Zhi." A black dragonfae said. "I am Na'miria, black magic element. Ziri is a mix of earth and wind. He is a very foolish creature."

"I am not, and I AM more beautiful than Zhi!" he struck another pose as if to prove this to the female. She just sniggered.

"But then all male creatures are foolish, are they not?" she asked turning to you with a gleam in her eye. She then nuzzled the insulted Ziri and he brightened, slightly. You heard her whisper, "Pretty" and he not only brightened, he glowed!

Loud laughter announced the arrival of a gold dragonfae. "That's Solis Lumen, a sunlight element. Normally their not too friendly but Solis Lumen is different. He's not only sweet and playful, but he loves children. And we just call him Sol, don't we?" She goes up and nips his wing.

A deep low growl brought your attention to the fourth dragonfae, one who was a most impressive specimen, his deep red colours leaving you no doubt of his fire element. Male he was, foolish he was not.

When he spoke his voice was deep and powerful, "I am Ak'faro and I watch over these....children," he said eyeing them. They behaved, then made faces when he turned back to you. "I will tolerate your presence here, but should you harm any creature of these woods, I shall find you......"

You decide that now might be a good time to go, while you were still on good terms with Ak'faro. You wave to the other three, and when Ziri sent you a questioning look, you called back "Absolutely gorgeous!". You'd never seen anyone happier, nor anyone laugh harder as Na'miria and Sol collapse in a pile of giggles and snorts.


Name: Ziri Xun (heart blood)
Gender: Male
ID: 10m
Element: Wind/Earth Dragon Element
Info: Is very upset with his sister Zhi because she's so pretty and gets all the attention when he thinks he's the prettiest. He really needs some lovin.
Parents: Hiryuu and Spy
April 2001

Name: Ak'faro
Gender: Male
ID: 22m
Element: Fire Dragon Element
Info: long ears with fan
April 2001

Name: Na'miria
Gender: Female
ID: 23f
Element: Black Magic Dragon Element
Info: floppy ears, tail horns, head/neck fan
April 2001

Name: Solis Lumen "Sol"
Gender: Male
ID: 38m
Element: Sunlight Dragon Element
Info: visible bone wings, wing joint and tip horns, webbed neck fan, pointed ears, plain tail
December 2002

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