The Magical Herd

The Woods


The filly hummed as she led you away from the path. Every now and then she'd stop to make little sounds at the birds in the trees which seemed to respond to her. Finally she leads you right out to a cliff edge, the trees growing almost right up to the drop. She whinnied and smiled when there was a response.

There was a movement to the right of you, but when you turned to look you were blinded by the midday sun. But coming from this light was a form, a golden form, soaring through the air as if on fire. The stallion glided silently and landed next to you on the ledge.

Kani didn't give him a chance to ask. "Xen'falu, this is a human visitor, isn't it neat! Look, only two legs!" She rears up but can only hold her balance so long. The brilliant stallion laughs.

"Greetings human. I am Xen'falu, a pheonix Faequine." He was magnificent. Suddenly he started laughing.

"What are you doing?" he asks Kani who was now behind him. "I was showing the human your feathers," she replied giving his tail another tug.

"Silly filly....."

She beams, "Everyone calls me that. I suppose its because I am so silly." She fluttered her wings.

"Yup, yup. You're silly and I'm silly too!"

The filly which spoke those words flew in on her translucent wings. There was very little doubt of her parentage, Ca'shimo and Fay'shara.

"Hi human. I'm Ja'zia."

"Wish I could fly like you could....." Kani added wistfully.

Ja'zia bounced. "I'm sure you will soon. And then we could play tag!"

Xen'falu chuckled.

Suddenly Kani cried out, "Carnation!" She galloped forward to greet a a pink coloured mare, followed closely by Ja'zia who seemed just as happy. Kani turned around and called out to you, "This is Carnation, she takes care of all the foals. She's really nice!"

Carnation nearly blushes at the compliment and nuzzles the foal. "You're such a silly filly Kani......" Everyone cracks up laughing, and it took a while before Xen'falu could control his laughter enough to explain what was so funny to the very confused mare. Then she laughed. "Yes, she is a very silly filly."

Gradually the air had became cooler, but so gradually you hadn't noticed till the first snowflakes began to fall. They flutter gently to the ground, vanishing the moment they touched the earth.

She shakes her mane and ice sparkles flutter off like fairy dust. "I am La'Isha, a snowflake element. I thought perhaps you might have gotten too warm during your travels." She was very beautiful, you couldn't help but admire the intricate snowflake patterns on her coat, and the ribbons tied into her mane.

A sound coming from the woods caught your attention. Somehow you were drawn to it....leaving the Faequines to their games, you slip off to investigate.


Name: Xen'falu
Gender: Male
ID: 1
Element: Pheonix
Parents: Wild
Offspring: None
February 2001

Name: Ja'zia
Gender: Female
ID: 48
Element: Luck Angel
Parents: Ca'shimo x Fay'shara
Offspring: None
March 2001

Name: Carnation
Gender: Female
ID: 3
Element: Love
Parents: Wild
Offspring: None
May 2001

Name: La'Isha
Gender: Female
ID: 148
Element: Ice (snowflake)
Parents: Wild
Offspring: None
October 2001

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