The Magical Herd

The Woods


Mounting Firecracker, you let him take you into an ancient forest. It was dark but you felt warm and safe. This was a magical place, a places where pixies dance on flowers and fairies hide in the bushes.

You stop for a while to drink from a wide stream, but discovered that is was somewhat salty. The sea must be nearby and the stream must flow into it, that's why the water would be so brackish here. But the water was clear and you stare mesmerized as it flowed rapidly over the small stones underneath. The sound of splashing and the ripples generated made you look up to face an interesting equine.


The mare studied you while Firecracker whinnied and nickered to her. She nodded.

"Welcome to the Forest of the Faes. My name is Tsi'kayra and I am a Faequine and a water element".

You were pleased to discover that she could actually speak, and didn't have to use telepathy. Firecracker tells you a bit more about their origins.

*Their name stems from their fae appearance and from the legends they tell, they are to the animal world what fairies and elves are to humans. They now wish to spread themselves to other realms to increase their protection over their given elements. For a while it seemed that they were going to fade away as so many other magical creatures have had to, but with the help of other Realm Keepers, including SunBlind, they should now thrive once more.*

The mare remained silent. She had a very serious character but you could see the sparkle in her eye when a second Faequine came galloping through the trees.


Full with joy and laughter, this stallion skidded to a stop then fell over onto his back laughing, his legs kicking in the air. Now here was a creature who know how to have fun.

*CA'SHIMO!* was Firecracker's happy greeting.

"FIRECRACKER!" the stallion cried, leaping excitedly to his feet. "Who have you brought to visit us this time. You always bring such interesting beings. What was it last time? That Freyillian alien from that planet orbiting Sirius, no?"

The stallion looks at you.

"My guess is human."

You nod.

He bows. "I'm Ca'shimo, a Luck Faequine. I see you've met Tsi'kayra. You still have to meet another mare who lives here, Fay'shara."

You turn to look where he indicated and there you saw a most elegant mare with fragile looking transparent wings. She reared up a moment, the came over to stand by Ca'shimo.


"This is Fay'shara, an Angel Faequine, one of the rarer elements. She's very gentle but also very shy. A wonderful singer if you can get her to perform, the voice of an angel of course!"

She smiled shyly from behind her stallion.

Ca'shimo suddenly spins around. "We mustn't forget our youngest member! Now where did that silly filly go......"

A bird flew by.

A white and red filly did an interesting kind of hop, skip, jump and run to try an imitate the bird. Her wings were not yet strong enough for flight.


"Her name is Gekkani Youjutsu Ibon Cardinal, but we just call her Kani. Kani! Come here an meet this human visitor."

She trots over with a big smile on her face. "Hello. I'm learning to fly, see. I'm getting pretty good too."

You tell her that she'll probably be one of the best, after all she had feathers in her tail, she giggles. "I'm not the only one with lots of feathers. Do you think Xen'falu will mind if I bring this human to see him?"

Ca'shimo shakes his head. "No, I'm sure he won't mind."

So you follow the happy filly to meet another Faequine.


Name: Ca'shimo
Gender: Male
ID: 1
Element: Luck
Parents: Wild
Offspring: Ja'zia
February 2001

Name: Tsi'kayra
Gender: Female
ID: 2
Element: Water (seawater)
Parents: Wild
Offspring: None
February 2001

Name: Fay'shara
Gender: Female
ID: 2
Element: Angel
Parents: Wild
Offspring: Ja'zia
February 2001

Name: Gekkani Youjutsu Ibon Cardinal (Kani)
Gender: Female
ID: 33
Elements: Moonlight/Black Magic/Cardinal
Parents: Ibon Cardinal x Sha Patuki
Info: Four high socks, chest, underbelly marking, fleabitten
Offspring: None
February 13, 2001

Agency no longer exists