The Magical Herd

The Sea


As you walked along you could see that the water beneath the waves was growing more and more shallow. Curious, you wade out, the water never coming higher than your knees. Wading further and further away from the shore you could discern dark splotches in the water. For a moment you stop, wondering what kind of creature would create such strange forms. But the splotches didn't move.

You wade out some more, the water now rising up to your waist, the waves occasionally striking your chest, but the water was warm and you knew the sun would dry you off soon enough. A few more steps and you realize what those dark forms where. They were reef formations. Even here the sand had given away to a rocky bottom mixed with coral. Little fish were all about you. Suddenly, one about a foot long tried to attack.

It was a small greenish equine with an interesting tail for aquatic living. He whinnied at you and you try to convince him that you came in peace. He seemed to think about it and decide that you wouldn't have made it this far otherwise.

"I am Triton's Watery Prize, a Mor'jari from Island of Mor'jari. Welcome to my reef."

You look about and ask if there were any others of his kind. He shakes his head. "I once belonged to the Pod of the Golden Reef Colony, the first pod to come together. But it was time to leave. So now I'm here, and ready to start a pod of my least whenever I find myself a female," he grins.

You laugh with him and then wish him well on his hunt. You turn and wade back to the shore.


Name: Triton's Watery Prize
Gender: Male
Note: Was once member of the first Pod of the Golden Reef Colony
Mate: None
Offspring: None
February 2001

Island of Mor'jari