The Magical Herd

The Sea


Giggling was what brought you to the edge of the water again. You climb out onto a rock and look beneath the waves. Two forms come into view.

The pair were obviously inseparable. They swam side by side with perfect synchronization. It was like they had one mind to control their movements. It was wonderful to watch. Finally one of the spotted you and the swam up to investigate.

The yellow one speaks into your mind first first. Hello, we are Ze'wa'cras, which means Horse of Water in your language. A mix of horse, dragon and hippocampi. I'm sure you've met enough of those by now to know what they all are. They both smile.

The other one continues, My name is Wrenn and my sister is called Penita. Aha! so they were sisters. That would explain a lot about their close bond.

Suddenly something hits you on your head. Rubbing the afflicted spot you look down at the ground at an apple. You pick it you and look behind you to see who threw it but could see nothing. But you could hear giggles. You frown at the pair. They try to hide it but guilt was written all over their faces.

Wrenn bursts out laughing. Yes. It was us. They giggle again at you confused look. We have telekinetic powers over almost anything! Except for really big things, like the moon and the stars.

A big wave rushes over the rock you were sitting on, nearly washing you away.

It's always a good idea to wash an apple before eating it. Penita adds as they quickly swim away before you figure out some form of revenge.

You shrug your shoulders and do the one thing you can do, you eat the apple. A bit salty but still good.


Name: Wrenn and Penita
Gender: Kaes (Female)
Parents: Wild
Corral: None
Offspring: None
December 2000