The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


But that wasn't to be. There was no obvious way to get back from this world to your own. To tell the truth, you had no idea how you came to be here in the first place. You must have voiced your thoughts aloud since a leagus mare responded.

"You were invited of course."

The mare nods, "I am Beata." Her dark green coat blended into the foliage of the rainforest. "Sometimes travellers enter the Realm without invitation, but they are usually chased out quick enough."

You reply that you don't remember getting any invitation.

"The fact that you are here is the invitation. Did you expect to receive a note in the mail asking you to come to a magical Realm? Would you have believed it if you did? Would you have come? No, SunBlind finds it best to just transports those she thinks would benefit most from being here without asking first."

At this Beata turned and left. And this left you wondering if SunBlind had intended this whole leagus fiasco. You had heard she was a vampiric dragon, but everyone around seemed to think she was nice enough. However, if she dumped you right in the middle of this Pri~erd feud on purpose, then she must have a nasty side too.


Name: Beata
Gender: Female
Parents: Efrek x Jaan
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: None
Offspring: None
September 2006

Pragosi Rainforest